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Caesar roll, cheese EBI, tempura crab, gunkan spicy shrimp 2 PCs,

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Pepperoni Pepperoni

the tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni,

  • Tomatoes 100 TNG
  • Champignon mushrooms 250 TNG
  • Mozzarella cheese 400 TNG
  • Sausages chicken 200 TNG
  • Salmon 900 TNG
  • Salami 250 TNG
  • Jalapeno pepper 200 TNG
  • Pepper Traffic Light 150 TNG
  • Pepperoni 300 TNG
  • Black olives 100 TNG
  • Chicken 300 TNG
  • Corn 100 TNG
  • TNG
  • Beef 500 TNG
  • Ham 300 TNG
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Pizzeria Toppers 24-hour delivery of pizza, sushi and roll in Almaty, prices Pizzeria Almaty

Delicious food is a pledge of a good mood, and food, which is also useful, is a guarantee of good health, a cheerful spirit and a hardy body. And if this food can be received at any time, and round-the-clock food delivery in Almaty gives you such an opportunity, then it really does not. That`s just where to get such a joy? Thank God, in our days a pizzeria in Almaty with delivery is not uncommon. And anyway, there are a lot of different services that are ready to provide food for every taste in every corner of the city.

МыWe offer you the opportunity to order pizza at any time. The company "Toppers" provides its customers with everything they need to spend time with joy and profit. We have organized a service that will bring a lot of fun to everyone. Our goal is to save you from hunger.

What do we do for this?

So, "Toppers" is a pizzeria in Almaty, which provides excellent and modern enough services. Of course, we are preparing to fight hunger. And how, then, how can he be defeated in any other way ?! But it`s important to understand how we do it! After all, our whole team works with great love. Our pizzeria in Almaty is always pleased with new orders and is ready to prepare another pizza.

We strive to improve our skills and technologies of cooking all the time. Our kitchen with the arrival of cooks turns into a whole experimental laboratory. We conduct our "experiments" in order to please and surprise you with new and interesting tastes. The team of pizza cheeses rotates, huge circles of dough for pizza and in no time turns them into fragrant and delicious dishes.

"Toppers" is not a simple pizzeria in Almaty. Here, every client will find for himself a great option for everyone`s favorite meal. A great tasty meal we manage to cook with our secret ingredients.

From what we are preparing?

Of course, from simple and affordable products. We do not use unicorn meat and magic pollen as flour. We have learned to create our culinary masterpieces from all familiar and simple products. After all, it is much more difficult to take something ordinary and reward it with a special taste..

Our pizzeria in Almaty carefully monitors the quality of products. Cooks care about what you eat and so we always have only the freshest. No stale vegetables, chapped cheese and the unknown origin of meat. All products in our refrigerators meet such criteria:

  • Fresh;
  • Ecological;
  • Delicious.

Pizzeria in Almaty with delivery guarantees you a lot of fun when you try these small, fragrant and devilishly delicious culinary masterpieces. Nothing extra.

All the ingredients and their amount are carefully measured. The ratio of the base-dough and the filling is absolutely perfect. No huge and empty pizza edges. With us you will forget about it forever. The filling is uniformly and in large quantities located throughout the pizza. There, too, you can throw out of the memory a huge and thick dough that scores the taste of everything in the world, and that the most sad thing is clogging the taste of life. Now only a thin and delicious dough that will make you swallow not only the whole piece, but forget about your own fingers.

Our chefs connect products together, as if they are pieces of one whole, which one day fell apart. It is interesting that they create from them?

Our menu

We think you already had to get acquainted with our site and to study our offers a little. What is there only! Yes, we did a lot of work while creating the menu. Main sections, as well as everywhere:

  • Pizza;
  • Sushi;
  • Beverages;
  • Snacks;
  • Soups and salads;
  • Dessert.

Quite apart we have the section "Children`s me". All because we tried to create it with an eye to the fact that they will be fed by children. We have chosen the most useful and necessary products that will give your child lots of vitamins and minerals. Our cooks worked hard to ensure that your children received only useful products.

We have a very varied pizza menu. We offer both classic combinations and authoring variants. Are your tastes specific? Nobody understands you, and friends ask eternal questions about how you manage to live this way? Are ready to argue that you are a vegetarian and are already tired of order and from stupid questions, and from not tasty pizza. We have great news for you. Only in "Toppers" is an unusually tasty vegetarian pizza that will give you a culinary ecstasy from the first bite.

Of course, for meat eaters we have separate offers. Again, all the usual classic here. After all, sometimes you want to eat something long familiar and 100% favorite. But our chefs created some new combinations:

  • The real "black" pizza Black Caprese, Black Chicken, Black Ebi;
  • DEL-ANATRA with an unusual combination of mozzarella, duck and rucola;
  • Prosciutto with delicious ham;
  • A unique chicken in Chicken Fungi and Chicken pizza;
  • Mushroom, which will be an excellent alternative to Vegetarian;
  • Diyablo sharp as a blade;
  • Various Bolognese, Romano, Salsa, Bavarian.

Only the most delicious. Our round-the-clock delivery of food in Almaty is ready to please you with delicious food at any time of the day. Even if it`s 4am..