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Delivery of Sushi in Almaty 24 hours a day

Sushi delivery in Almaty around the clock - order rolls for a house in Almaty

ЗOrder sushi in Almaty at home - simple and convenient. In recent years, Japanese cuisine is gaining more and more fans, because it is based on the principles of healthy eating. A popular ingredient in many traditional dishes of the country of the Rising Sun is rice, a low-calorie dietary product that promotes metabolism and weight loss. No less useful are the seafood, which occupies a special place in local cooking. In fish, shellfish, shrimp and algae a lot of protein, useful fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. One of the activities of the company "Toppers" is the delivery of sushi in Almaty.

On our site you will find 50 kinds of Japanese dishes, including a large part consists of sushi - rolls of dried nori seaweed, rice and topping nachinki.V composition may include various types of fish (tuna, salmon, eel) and seafood (prawns, caviar, crabs). Vegetables, fruits (avocados), cheeses, herbs, sesame, sauces are also used as ingredients. Serve sushi is not taken entirely, but in small equal parts (8-10 pieces). Among Toppers' customers, the most popular is the Philadelphia snack, made from the same cheese and salmon.

Order sushi in Almaty at home - it's easy!

Another popular dish is Ikura. It is filled with red caviar, slices of salmon and green onions. Sushi can be ordered both cold and warm. We strongly recommend you to try warmed branded sushi in Almaty from "Toppers" of red caviar, salmon fillet, shrimp and "Philadelphia" cheese. Do you prefer baked sushi? Here you can order snacks with any filling, with cheese or spicy sauce. Delivery of sushi is carried out in thermo-boxes, so a hot dish is guaranteed to you and will fall.

To fans of Japanese cuisine who want to order sushi, we offer a large selection of nigiri - snacks from a hand-formed rice bowl and a piece of fish. In the "Toppers" you can order sushi with salmon, eel, tuna. In the assortment there are nigiri with caviar, shrimps, chuk salad. If it is difficult for you to make a choice, or if you are planning a dinner (dinner) for a large number of people, order an assortment, designed for different taste preferences of guests.

Sushi delivery in Almaty is not all! We offer hot snacks, as well as salads in Japanese.

If you like vegetables or seafood cooked in batter, rate our tempura with shrimp, onion, zucchini, bell pepper. A real gastronomic discovery for you is probably a Japanese sandwich created by our chefs, chicken, mushrooms, caviar and cheese chefs. The big assortment is not the only advantage of "Toppers": it's quite easy to make an order, and the land delivery in Almaty will take no more than 90 minutes.


Delicious sushi in Almaty - fast delivery of rolls

Who does not know the story of the brave Japanese samurai who were ready to put their heads in battle with the enemy? Of course, everyone knows stories filled with courage, wisdom, courage and courage. How could they always be in shape? It is hard to believe that only the physical exercises are to blame. After all, the state of the body and spirit depends on many different factors. The company "Toppers" knows for sure that one of the most important aspects in fostering morale is the issue of nutrition. Our round-the-clock delivery of rolls is literally sure that delicious, healthy food is a pledge of strong and body, and spirit. A well-fed fighter is better than a hungry man.

If you have always dreamed of being both samurai brave and strong, then you definitely need to reconsider your attitude to nutrition and especially the diet. We offer you nutritious rolls with delivery to Almaty. Our team is sure that such a tasty, simple, but useful and quite healthy food, was almost one of the main factors of the invincibility of the best Japanese warriors.

History of the appearance of sushi and rolls

Заказать роллы в АлматыYou can always order rolls in Almaty. But first, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with their history and understand what is the fundamental difference between rolls and sushi. After all, these two dishes are absolutely different between each other. Ordering a roll in Almaty does not mean you get sushi. Unfortunately, many do not understand this. Therefore, we asked our samurai from the kitchen so that they would briefly explain the history of origin and the main differences between these two delicacies.

Imagine Japan without this dish is quite difficult. After all, there are lovers and connoisseurs all over the world. Although in our time it is believed that this is Japanese cuisine, it is not known exactly where and when exactly the first time the rolls were prepared. Today it's rolls with delivery in Almaty are not uncommon. It is generally believed that this dish takes its roots in southeast Asia.

Earlier, even at the beginning of the last millennium, rice for conservation of fish was often used in these regions. In special containers the fish were stacked in layers, and rice was poured between each layer. Then the fish was marinated. Old masters usually threw out rice after they reached their goal. But it's really possible to buy cheap rolls in Almaty thanks to the Japanese.

The preservation recipe described above was often used in China and Thailand. It was from these countries that he got to Japan. At that time it was accepted that such conservation is something special. This was a kind of indicator of well-being, because only rich people could afford it. Rice then for the poorer population was very valuable food, as in fact formed the basis of their diet. So they could not waste and throw it away.

It is important to note that after conservation, the end result was called "sushi", which translates literally as "pickled fish". By the way, to this day sushi in Japan is called "sushi". This, of course, does not order rolls in Almaty, but the beginning of the appearance was already laid.

Over time, or rather already in the 16th century, the recipe for marinating fish has changed. There were several changes, which eventually led to the fact that the rice stopped throwing, and the technology of conservation has changed somewhat. Rice began to eat with the fish. That's why we can order rolls in Almaty with you. At that time, the dish lost its high price, and was no longer an indicator of solvency. After all, for the less well-off citizens it became available. So gradually with time the original recipe began to change. At some point, this dish began to add vegetables, a variety of seafood and rice malt.

Order rolls in Almaty with delivery

We are sure that many readers are already hungry to find out whether it is true that sushi in Almaty is prepared with raw fish. Yes that's right. In the 19th century, a well-known culinary specialist from Tokyo began to apply not pickled fish, but raw. But it is worthwhile to understand that then these were not the rolls with delivery to Almaty, which can be ordered today. In particular, they differed from modern sizes. They are now so small and neat, but before they were of the size with a male fist. But it is worth noting that there were literally two such things to absolutely nakushatsya. It's been a long time since we could order rolls in Almaty in the form in which they come to your home today.

How did this dish become popular? Delivery of sushi almaty previously did not exist, as in other countries. Here, fate played a role. Tokyo in 1923 experienced a serious and very strong earthquake. Many residents of the city chose to move to other regions of the country in order to protect themselves. That's how the dish spread all over the country first. Thanks to this tragic event, we can easily order rolls in Almaty.

Is this food useful??

Rolls with delivery in Almaty are loved by everyone. But how useful is this dish, few people think, especially fresh, with the fast delivery of sushi Almaty from Toppers. In fact, it's not worth thinking about. This food is absolutely harmless and even helps to lose weight, because the dish itself is very low-calorie. Even the various additional ingredients do not carry any harm in themselves. After all, these are usually vegetables that are healthy and also not very caloric. So it's not only pleasant to eat sushi of Almaty, but it is also useful, and girls who are worried about their figure can quite easily enjoy themselves with this delicacy.

What we offer to order rollers in Almaty?

We can buy cheap rolls in Almaty and order sushi. Our menu is very rich and offers customers options for every taste. Of course, we have all the classic and popular options::


  • Traditional rolls;
  • Branded rolls;
  • Baked rolls;
  • Rolls of Tempura;
  • Roll "California";
  • Roll "Philadelphia";
  • Roll Unagi;
  • Mini Rolls;
  • Big Rolls or Rolls XXL;
  • Temaki.

We have an affordable price for rolls in Almaty. We offer every buyer the opportunity to please himself with delicacies at any time. Round-the-clock delivery of rolls will allow you to always be ready for unexpected guests. After all, you can simply order food from us and do not invent to make such delicious and quick to prepare. Buy cheap in Almaty is a simple and affordable solution..